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2011 Chianti Classico
Strada al Sasso

As Tasted At Convivio Restaurant,
Carmel, Indiana

Chianti Classico Strada al Sasso

Chianti Classico,
Tenuta Di Arceno


Review Date:
May 5, 2018
Recommended Drinking Window:
Review Location:
Convivio Restaurant,
Carmel, Indiana
Newsletter Issue:
Tuscan wine with the flavor and characteristics common from a Sangiovese. I absolutely love the tar and red fruit aroma that leads to a strawberry and light coffee flavor on the palate. The wine carries a nice, round, full body that is smooth on the palate. The acidity and structure should allow this wine to age very well beyond 10 to 15 years from the vintage date. Tasting the wine at a restaurant led to a higher price than purchasing the wine from a store.  It’s likely you could find this wine for half this price.


Wine Maker’s Notes:
“Strada Al Sasso is our-flagship, single-vineyard, single-block Sangiovese. Planted in 1998, this exceptional micro-cru is located in a wind-swept corner of our estate. It features high-density spacing, careful matching of rootstocks and clones to the soils, and low yields. This is the most intense, brooding, concentrated, complex wine we produce at Tenuta di Arceno. The aromatics are saturated with dark fruit, dark-roasted coffee beans and violets. The palate is dense and commanding with dried plums, nutmeg, earth, wet slate, firm acids and fine tannins. While this wine drinks well in its youth, it is built to evolve and improve over the next decade or more.”

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