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2015 Blackwater The Underdog
Chenin Blanc

As Purchased at Grapevine Cottage,
Zionsville, Indiana

2015 Blackwater
The Underdog


Western Cape,
South Africa

Blackwater Wines




Review Date:
November 17, 2018

Recommended Drinking Window:

Purchase Location:
Grapevine Cottage,
Zionsville, Indiana

Newsletter Issue:

Lemon, lime, green apple and melon on the nose.  Very aromatic.  You can start smelling green fruit when you twist off the cap.  On the palate, the wine dances on your tongue.  Strong acidity with a full body.  Honey and almond notes add to the green fruit.  Lasting flavors.  Acidity not well balanced but still a wine I would recommend (and drink) on a hot summer day.


Wine Maker’s Notes:
From the 2014 vintage:

“Harvested from old bushvine vineyards on top slope of Bottelary Hills; fermented in concrete tank and aged on fine lees for 6 months”

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Wine; Chenin Blanc

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