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2015 Clos Cibonne Côtes de Provence Tibouren Cuveé Cru Classé

As Tasted At Sepia Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois

Clos Cibonne Côtes de Provence Tibouren Cuveé Cru Classé

Côtes de Provence,
Clos Cibonne


Review Date:
May 4, 2018
Recommended Drinking Window:
Review Location:
Sepia Restaurant
Chicago, Illinois
Newsletter Issue:
Sparkling, elegant Rosé with a spicy, fruity aroma and flavor.  The flavor wasn’t overpowering but wasn’t thin.

The winemaker says:

“Salmon orange in color, the nose is compelling, aromatic and spicy, with a round yet vibrant palate and surprisingly mineral finish. A perfect match for all things Provencal and beyond, try this versatile Rose with grilled fish with olives and fennel, saffron rice, or lamb curry.”

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