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2015 Weinbach Riesling
AC Alsace Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée Ste Catherine

As Tasted At Fine Vintage Sensory Master Class, Chicago, Illinois

Weinbach Riesling AC Alsace Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée Ste Catherine

Alsace Grand Cru,
Domaine Weinbach 


Review Date:
May 5, 2018
Recommended Drinking Window:
Review Location:
Fine Vintage Sensory Master Class,
Chicago, Illinois
Newsletter Issue:
Very typical Alsatian Riesling which is a great thing. Wonderful acidity is balanced by a silky body and a perfect level of intensity.  Green apple gives way to pineapple flavors with a hint of petrol.  The off-dry taste is absolutely refreshing.

Wine Maker’s Notes:

“At the foot of the majestic Schlossberg hill in Alsace stands one of the finest estates in all of France. In the words of Robert Parker, “Colette and her daughter Laurence…pushed Weinbach to the pinnacle of Alsace’s qualitative pyramid.” Now run by daughter Catherine Faller, she and her team have pursued the family’s passion for the great wines of Alsace and its unrelenting commitment to delivering excellence.

The 2015 vintage was outstanding at Domaine Weinbach. The quality of the grapes was excellent for all varietals. With medium to low yields, 2015 produced concentrated and harmonious wines, which are already very expressive in their youth due to a good maturity and great balance. The wines of the 2015 vintage have pure fruit aromas with a beautiful freshness and long-lasting finish. They will age beautifully.”

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