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Wine Review #2:
2013 Le Piane Mimmo
Boca, Piedmont, Italy
Tasted at: Sepia Restaurant
Chicago, IL
May 4th, 2018

13.0% Alcohol
Primarily Nebbiolo (65%) with a touch of Vepsolina (5%); Croatina (30%) is added after 2 years of aging

Medium(+) Intensity

Medium Intensity
Herbaceous, Pungent, Chemical

Medium Acidity
Medium(+) Tannin
Medium(+) Alcohol
Medium Body
Medium Flavor Intensity
Medium(+) Length

Plastic (think inflatable pool raft)

Good wine.  Nice balance between acidity, tannin, and aroma/flavor.  Plastic aroma/flavor from Nebbiolo grape is very apparent.  Wine also gives off a herbaceous mint/menthol aroma/flavor with a hint of tar and tobacco.  Intense, but not overwhelming.  Nice complexity, length and expressiveness.   The winemaker says:

““Mimmo” is dedicated to a friend from Boca who worked with us in the last 10 years contributing to improve the quality standards in our vineyards. This wine uses the method of combining the typical grapes of this area. Less structured and riper parts of “Boca DOC” (Nebbiolo and Vepsolina grapes) are blended after 2 years of aging in large barrels together with riper Croatina grapes (30%) to produce a wine which is lighter and more amenable than “Boca DOC” and functions as good door-opener to the more complex but also more demanding flagship wine “Boca DOC”. There is a nice floral and fruity flavour with a soft elegance and long-lasting taste. “Mimmo” does not need to age for long but matures well over a period of 3 to 6 years.” lists the wine at an average price of $24.  The average critic score is 88/100.  I gave it the average critic score of  88/100.  After adjusting for price, my score came in at 76.

Wine Rating: 88

Price Adjusted Rating: 85

Note: My goal is to provide characteristics of the wine and not to sway a wine drinker from trying any wine – even those that I rate at a lower score.  My rating is just that – MY rating.  I base the rating on 5 characteristics: balance, length, intensity, complexity and expressiveness.  I am independent in my evaluation of every wine.  Ultimately, my wine rating scale is the same scale used by Robert Parker whereby:

96-100 Extraordinary
90-95 Outstanding
80-89 Above Average to Excellent
70-79 Average
60-69 Below Average
< 59 Appalling

I also provide a price adjusted rating.  This rating takes into account the quality of the wine (per my rating) and the average price consumers are paying for a standard 750ml bottle of wine.