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Wine Review #7:
Henri Bourgeois
2015 Sancerre
Les Côte des Monts Damnés
Loire Valley, France
Tasted At: Fine Vintage Sensory Master Class
Chicago, Illinois
May 5, 2018

13% Alcohol
Sauvignon Blanc


Citrus Fruit

Just to be clear, I’m rating the 2015 vintage and not the 2000 vintage as seen in the lead picture.  I just couldn’t find a very good 2015 picture!  Very good, citrus”y” Sancerre from the Loire Valley in France.  This is what you look for in a Loire Valley Sancerre.  Lots of lemon and grapefruit flavors with high acidity and intensity.  So refreshing.  Picture sitting on the back porch on a hot August day.  This wine will hypnotize you.

The wine was purchased by Fine Vintage for $33.  The average critic score per is a 90/100.  I gave it a 90/100.  After adjusting for price, my price adjusted score came in at 86.

Wine Rating: 90

Price Adjusted Rating: 86

Note: My goal is to provide characteristics of the wine and not to sway a wine drinker from trying any wine – even those that I rate at a lower score.  My rating is just that – MY rating.  I base the rating on 5 characteristics: balance, length, intensity, complexity and expressiveness.  I am independent in my evaluation of every wine.  Ultimately, my wine rating scale is the same scale used by Robert Parker whereby:

96-100 Extraordinary
90-95 Outstanding
80-89 Above Average to Excellent
70-79 Average
60-69 Below Average
< 59 Appalling

I also provide a price adjusted rating.  This rating takes into account the quality of the wine (per my rating) and the average price consumers are paying for a standard 750ml bottle of wine.