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Wine Review #9
2014 William Fevre Chardonnay Chablis
1er Cru Montmains
Chablis, France
As Tasted At Fine Vintage Sensory Master Class
Chicago, Illinois
May 5, 2018

Off the chart savory flavors consume the palate.  Green apple with a flintiness on the finish.  Also a touch of “too early to eat” white peach.  This elegant wine is a pronto-typical Chablis.  A finish that is smooth and tart that you wish would last for days.


Purchase price was $45 and gives it an average rating of 91/100.

Cork and Social Rating:
Wine Rating: 90
Price Adjusted Rating: 90

Wine Maker’s Notes:
“Combining lovely frui􏰀ness with an a􏰁rac􏰀ve freshness and characteris􏰀c minerality, Chablis is a wine region with global renown. Domaine William Fèvre’s vineyards sit on Kimmeridgian subsoil and enjoy ideal exposures for the production of a very fine wine.

GROUND OF THE APPELATION: Marls and clayey limestone from the kimmeridgian
HARVEST: Manual.
VINIFICATION: Use of the principle of gravity so as to avoid all pumping, which could harm the quality of the wine. Brief (11⁄2-2 hours) pneumatic pressing to obtain a gentle separation of the solid and liquid parts of the grape. Very light static settling of the juice to preserve enough fine lees so that the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations can occur naturally. The must is run in small stainless steel vats.
MATURING: 8 to 10 months in stainless steel vats to preserve freshness.”

Note: My goal is to provide characteristics of the wine and not to sway a wine drinker from trying any wine – even those that I rate at a lower score.  My rating is just that – MY rating.  I base my rating on a number of different components; however, my 5 Characteristics of Wine Style: Balance, Length, Intensity, Complexity and Expressiveness play largely into my final rating.  I am independent in my evaluation of every wine.  Ultimately, my wine rating scale is the same scale used by Robert Parker whereby:

96-100 Extraordinary
90-95 Outstanding
80-89 Above Average to Excellent
70-79 Average
60-69 Below Average
< 59 Appalling

I also provide a price adjusted rating.  This rating takes into account the quality of the wine (per my rating) and the average price consumers are paying for a standard 750ml bottle of wine.